I keep wanting to write but I get frustrated and get nothing out. Same when I try to write emails – no wonder people drop me like a hot potato. Who wants to keep in touch with someone who sucks at keeping in touch? I also stop myself because there are no damned privacy settings here and I don’t know how much I will ever get into WP without them. That is becoming more evident to me every day.

Stress is still really quite high. The biggie is one I’ve been worried over for a while as I went through testing, etc. I have now been officially diagnosed as diabetic – welcome to my gene swamp pool, where they seem to have forgotten the chlorine. I got word a few weeks ago and that’s about all I want to say about it for now. Things are positive, but lots still going on, with that and other stuff.

I really really really really really need a vacation. I did take a couple of days off last week, but that didn’t cut it. I could soooooooo use a trip down south this year, but it’s not going to happen. I just need to clear my head and I don’t seem to be able to do it.

Edgar is fine and says “meow”.  Sometimes he adds to my orneryness, sometimes he helps tremendously. That’s what pet ownership is all about, right? 😉

I’m enjoying my new window-side cubicle, but it’s lonely not being together with my little “unit”. The move is a big adjustment for most of us.

Well, I thought should say hello to see if anyone remembers me. Maybe next time I’ll bring presents. Any requests? For now, hugs to any and all who want them!

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18 Responses to hmmm

  1. AmyH says:

    Bummer about the diabetes. I hope it can be easily managed without too many needlesand such involved.

    It’s good to hear from you. The privacy settings, or lack thereof, are indeed a big drawback to WP. But drop in when you can!

    • Yes, I am actually very lucky because it has been caught at the very beginning. One bonus to being tested regularly due to strong family history. Technically, I do not need meds or have to check my blood, but in order to make sure things are done right, I have been put on a low dose of meds and will check my blood, at least for the first little while, to enable me to see how different things affect my blood sugar. I actually started making changes a few months before the diagnosis, and my bloodwork shows that it has made a difference in some of the relevant areas, so that is very encouraging.

  2. Kzinti says:

    I’ll take the hugs (((HUGS))) and hope that you find a way to escape the stress for a while. The rest, well, it’s just there for right now and we can talk about it when you are ready to. Meanwhile, I hear kitty snorgles are a good stress reliever.

  3. capnstephel says:

    Hugs are always good. *hug back* Too bad about the diabetic diagnosis. Bleh. And the stress…vacations are nice. I hope that you randomly get the chance to go on one. It could happen. Ya never know!
    *pet pet* to Edgar

  4. I am here for the hug exchange! {{{hug}}}

  5. crankypants says:

    Who are you again? Ha, like we could ever forget you!
    I hope you can find some time for a little getaway soon. If not, book a couple hours at a spa or something and get away and relax for a little while anyway. Good luck with the diabetes, you know we are always here for you!

  6. xeyli says:

    Boo to diabetes! but it’s manageable and can become a much healthier way to eat. but still… Booooo!

    we all remember you. Why not set password protect on the entries you want as “private”? those you trust with the password should either 1) be able to remember it or 2) are trustworthy enough to give the password to if they need it again.

  7. Drude says:

    ((hugs)) what a bummer with the diabetes. Good thing Edgar looks after you…. and that he isn’t too sweet either… that would be bad – with the diabetes, right?
    I hope your diabetes is mild and easy to manage.
    and I hope everybody adjust to the new work spaces and it turns out it was all for the best.

  8. Lauri says:

    Big hugs, arbed. I am glad to see you on FB! Sometimes it just takes too much energy to “keep in touch”.
    Nothing wrong with that. We’ll all be hanging around until you/whenever you want to drop by.

    I do hope we can get a peepmeet (oh lordy, I almost typed peepmeat…I was ‘that’ close) in the next year or so. But, my brain can’t handle anything until after April 9th. Which will be here before I know it, so that’s good!

  9. snoringKatZ says:

    ((hugs)) x infinity + 1

  10. Thanks, all. I realize now that the post sounds a little down. That is not completely the case. I am just frustrated and overwhelmed by a few different things, and diabetes is a pretty big part of it. I am learning lots, though, and feel pretty good after meeting with the diabetic team at my clinic yesterday.

    Not that I would refuse more hugs, though… 😉

  11. pegoftilling says:

    Moar hugs! Totally understandable you’re feeling overwhelmed–it’s a big change to make, in behavior but also in how you see yourself (I had some nasty sugar numbers at my last checkup.) I’m glad you have a team on your side for the diabetes, and I hope for the other stuff too.

  12. ((((((drive by hugs)))))) Hope things are going well for you, I miss you!

  13. Lauri says:

    You guys make me laugh!
    I’m glad to see you on FB, arbed!

  14. I am having such a hard time keeping in touch and keeping up also. I had such an auto pilot on Vox and WP is not working as well for me. I miss seeing people’s photo show up in my sidwbar and clicking and I forget to open up my dashboard and go to read-o-matic and see what evewrybody is up to.

    The diabetic thing, when caught early is so much more manageable. Good on you for getting it spotted early.

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