Doing another claims audit so I may not be reachable for a couple of days. Figured I’d mention it in case hell freezes over and someone needs to reach me RIGHT.THIS.SECOND.


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2 Responses to wheee

  1. Kzinti says:

    Right! What do I do with this fourteen tons of wonderful chocolate that someone left me in their will? Should I send it to you? Oh, dammit, you aren’t available. Maybe Laurie wants it instead. Oh well… I’m sure auditing is so much better than tons of free chocolate…

  2. Edgar's Auntie says:

    Not in any way related to anything but then who cares because you aren’t around:

    Google chrome has made me lazy because I can just start to type in the name of the page I want and it’s faster than searching through my unorganized, multiple imported, bookmarks. Therefore, I never bookmarked your new blog site. However, in my head my memory of the site is listed as “carnival of lies and something something something”. Carousel is just too low frequency for me.

    So, now I have to remember to stop at “car”.

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