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Hiya kids. I got a call from the vet on Thursday about Edgar’s new tests. If you’ll recall, these were more specific tests due to some elevated levels in his routine bloodwork. Well, the second round of tests, which included another one on his urine (they had kept some from his previous visit, frozen in case they needed it again), are all perfectly fine. Of the three good blood pressure readings they got, two were elevated but one was normal, and if he actually had high BP, the normal reading wouldn’t have been possible, so those results are fine, too. The best the vet figures is that because I pay such close attention to Edgar, I caught some of the first, very early, signs of kidney trouble. So we’re going ahead with switching him to a mature food, no “restriction”-type food is necessary (PS to Mariser – thank you so much for the Rx food offer, I was waiting for these results to get back to you and then, as usual with me, forgot, but she wants us to stick to regular mature food for now).

That night I trekked out to PetSmart to start doing some label reading. I wanted to put some thought into what I was buying and there were a lot of choices. I had only been looking for a couple of minutes when the Blue Buffalo lady came over. I’m the type of shopper that if I need help, I’ll ask. Otherwise, leave me alone. She didn’t get the hint, and unfortunately for me, I was looking at the actual Blue Buffalo food when she nabbed me (turns out they make several other brands, too, like Nutro). She eventually left me alone but was obviously bored because she came back about three minutes later.

Anyway, it comes out in conversation that Edgar is 15 and that his whole life (well, since I got him at about six or so months) he’s been fed Friskies and Fancy Feast. She got this disgustingly surprised look on her face (I’ll bet she practices in the mirror every morning) and says “Well, some children do well on McDonald’s.” I felt like smacking her. When I became a cat owner, perhaps I wasn’t mature or aware enough of what to feed my cat, but he likes it, has been perfectly healthy the whole time I’ve had him (other than two tooth extractions, and even that is amazing for his age), and I have never had a vet say a bad word to me about what he eats, so I’ll be damned if this lady was going to get me with her “grocery store food” comments. She even pointed out that she often recommends the Nutro Max brand as a step-up food from grocery store before going to the more elite foods. I came home kicking myself for being nice to her. Anyway, I bought a Blue Buffalo mature dry food and some cans of BB and Nutro mature can foods. So far so good. If I’m going to go broke, I guess it’s better to do it by doing good things for the cat than wasting the money on other things (ie crap I don’t need). I know I sound bitter or mean when I bring money into the situation, but really, why is the better food so much more expensive? Of course I would do anything for the little guy, but it still bugs me. It’s kind of like kids clothes – why on earth would I pay more for a child’s tshirt than I would for one for myself?

Anywho, on to happier thoughts. It turns out I’m getting my birthday steak anyway. We’re going out tonight – T minus about three hours.

Non sequitur du jour: Music fans, the local station I listen to (when I remember to turn the radio on) has an awesome Sunday lineup – The Café, Vinyl Recycler, Re-Generation X, The Ongoing History of New Music with Alan Cross. Anyway, they’re online so if you’re so inclined, bookmark them and give a listen some time. I believe each show also links to previous playlists so you can check it out to see if it’s your bag:

And finally, a new picture of Wilson!

Don't hurt your hand trying to reach into the monitor.

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23 Responses to more updates

  1. Our Mommeh did not know anything about cat food until Harley got EGC and she had to learn. Now she feels a little bit guilty she didn’t do better all these years.

  2. mariser says:

    I’m sorry the rep lady was a jerk, because Blue Buffalo is one of the highest quality fudz out there – I know several peeps use it (jaypo? LT? lauowolf?). she totally needs slapped.
    thanks for the PS. it looks like edgrrcat is having the same condition as Pepper, early stage kidney failure, manageable with diet at this point. as an aging disease, all we can do is manage it best we can for as long as we can.
    sorry about the money stress sitch. hope there are raises and bonii in your near future.

    and happy belated steak birthday dinner! more enjoyable since you know your little guy will be allright.

    • I’m glad to hear you say that about BB. I know I’ve heard about it but didn’t recall that anyone used it. That’s just my crappy memory, though.

      The changes in E’s values are so minute that she thinks that with the switch to mature food, it could be ages before another change is required. But, as you know, things can also change pretty fast with cats. So, after a follow-up in three or four months, we should be in a better position.

      No raises or bonii until second quarter next year, but things should get better after Christmas anyway. Or as soon as I find that rich, deathbed-ridden uncle.

      Sirloin Oscar: Grilled top sirloin topped with shrimp, scallops, asparagus and Bearnaise sauce. 🙂

  3. crankypants says:

    Glad Edgar is doing okay for now!
    Elvis is on Blue Buffalo, thanks to me wandering in to Petsmart about 3 years ago (whenever that whole China pet food disaster was at its height) looking for Wellness or Mother hubbard and the rep told me about BB. But she was never that condescending. For fuck’s sake, 15 years ago no one really fed their pets much better than Iams, the information wasn’t at our fingertips like it is today and even still, there is no need to be bitchy about it. Anyway, Elvy has been eating it for about 3 years, and he actually lost a little weight because there is not as much filler as in Iams (his previous food). I was just having a long convo with a BB rep yesterday when I went to PS too, but she was very nice. It is expensive but of course it’s worth it.
    Wilson is floofy adorable!!
    and enjoy your steak tonight! Yums!

    • There were so many brands I’d never heard of, some I’d heard good and bad things about, some I didn’t like the ingredients, etc etc, but I knew I had heard good things about BB and the ingredients looked good. There were pricier brands that looked plenty worse.

      The BB lady also sort of waved her hand saying “Oh, and there’s the holistic brand” as though that would be waaaay above my station. I thought that was particularly amusing since her set-up appeared to be promoting the dog version of their holistic food. I think she got more pleasure telling me how she got her job and how long she’d been working for BB.

      Woof to Elvis!

  4. Laurie says:

    I’ve never even heard of Blue Buffalo food, so you’re one up on me as a cat owner.

    Glad Edgar is doing okay, and yay for birthday steak!

  5. lurkertype says:

    Our kitties eat Innova crunchies and mostly Wellness, Natural Balance, and Avoderm wet food. TK also gets some prescription gooshy courtesy of Pepper. Tortie has to have Fancy Feast sometimes. I switched over when Cranky did, during the whole China poison pet food thing.

    Wilson is soooo kitteny! All little and floofy and rumpled, so adorable.

  6. Kzinti says:

    Our kitteh eats bugs anad stuff. She doesn’t really care much for any food. She’ll jump in the dog food bin and munch occasionally. She’s really weird. She likes dill pickles too. Go figure. I say, it’s all relative to the kitteh.

  7. Lauri says:

    My first cat (a thousand years ago) lived to be 19 on Friskies cat food and had no vaccinations her entire life.

    Now, of course, I wouldn’t take the risk of my nanimals not getting vaccinated. There are too many things that can’t be cured but can be prevented by vaccinations.
    Anyway….it’s nice to have all this info now on food and stuff…but there was no need to be a bitch about it, BB lady. Pooh on you.

    Good for you arbed for catching this early! Edgar will be feeling great for a long time!

  8. snoringKatZ says:

    I don’t know why these reps feel compelled to be so hateful. On the other hand, they steer clear of me because I have a distinct “Don’t fuck with me” look whenever I go to PetSmart. Sure there are better foods. There are for people, too. That doesn’t mean they’re readily available or affordable.

    Edgar is doing fine. You’re an excellent kitteh personal attendant.

    Wilson should be so lucky 😉

  9. An entire industry has developed to do exactly what you experienced, make owners feel bad about not spending top dollar on what generally amounts to either useless or barely discernible changes to an animal’s life. I mean why shape kitty treats like fish or cooked turkeys? Do we believe the kitties notice? And cat food itself, even the high high high end stuff, is not a whole heck of a lot different than the low end stuff. The epitome of this, to me, is exemplified by the holistic veterinary practice I pass to get to my kitties’ vet. Humans buy crap for themselves all the time and marketers just finally got on board to realize that they can also sell crap (like holistic medicine) to the humans for their pets too.

    Preying on pet owners when their money should rightly go elsewhere (sorry, but I’m specie-ist) is sick.

    Oh, but Wilson is getting some prescription kitty food I picked up at the vet. Which I try to keep increasingly fat Basil the non-kitty out of…Unlike Basil, Wilson is a garbage kitty and will eat anything I hand him and has taken to begging for morsels when I cook. He hasn’t asked me to take him to Mickey D’s yet.

    And, Wilson is currently napping inside my yoga pant leg.

    • Why are you feeding Wilson Rx food?

      Are you wearing the nap pants?

      • Edgar's Auntie says:

        It’s just fancy kitteh food from our vet. can and dry. MediCal and Prescription P/D. It’s the only fancy food he’ll get. And since he’s a garbage cat, unlike Basil, he’ll be fine with whatever I buy. Basil just gets an “adult” cat dry I get from the pet store and once this stuff is done, Wilson will get a “kitty” dry and some cans of fancy feast or whatever.

  10. leendadll says:

    the “better” foods are more expensive because they aren’t using bad grain, ground bone, and other cheap fillers.

    My kids are on BB too. But I would have slapped that bitch. I once saw a cat adoption group refuse to give a family a cat, and make fun of the family after they left, because they said they’d feed the cat Friskies. #1, I think the food is fine. #2, Maybe they didn’t know about premium kitty foods because they don’t already own a cat – so saying something, instead of just auto-rejecting them would have let a kitty have a forever home instead of more time in a cage.

  11. aubrey says:

    I think it’s T-Bone minus three hours.

    And I’m glad for the happy Edgar news! (I’d write more, but I hurt my hand.)

  12. So glad to hear Edgar’s tests came back well! Like Laurie, I’ve not heard of BB, either. We feed ours Royal Canin, which is not cheap, either. We adore our cats, but every time we fork over $50 for a bag of food, I notice it. As you sister wisely noted, there’s a whole industry out there preying on loving cat owners. It’s fair to charge for a quality product. It’s not fair to behave like a colossal douche about it.

    Hope the birthday steak was delightful!!

  13. lurkertype says:

    I tried a can of Blue Buffalo on my beasties today. It didn’t go over well. Tortie refused to have anything to do with it after it had been refrigerated; I think it dried out too quickly for her taste, even though I covered it like always. Back to the Wellness and Avoderm.

  14. amyhftw says:

    I’m way late on this, but happy belated birthday! Your steak sounded fabulous!

    I hope Edgar is taking to his new fancy food. When Elvis was on diabetes food from the vet, I kept telling him I was spending his college funds to buy it. Holy crap that was expensive. When he passed away, I brought back a full bag and plenty of cans and they gave me full credit. I thought that was really nice.

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