haha, got yer pee!

It’s raining so traffic was horrible and I was twenty minutes late getting to the vet’s. I closed the joint! Anyway, I saw a different vet this time and she was in awe of Edgar, as any vet seems to be. She said if all she had to go by was her exam of him and his last blood results, she would estimate him to be about eight or nine years old. Then she asked one of the techs how old she thought he was and she said six! All of Edgar’s good genes certainly  make up for all the bad ones floating around in  my family. He’ll probably outlive me.

Anyway, the physical exam was fine so now it’s just to wait to hear about the urinalysis and blood work (bye bye $400+). He’s gained a touch more weight, which is no big surprise considering how much he’s been eating. To be honest, I think he’s been eating enough to gain more than the bit he did. I can’t bring myself to deny him food for too long. I could certainly be feeding him more and I’m sure he’d eat it, so it’s not like I’m catering to his every whine, but since he can’t exactly tell me how he’s feeling, I don’t like to let him go too long without putting some dry food down. I should hear back on Friday, and might have to go in even if the news is good, in case she wants to discuss trying to get him to lose a bit of weight. He could probably stand to lose maybe a kilogram.

He’s such a good boy at the vet’s.

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10 Responses to haha, got yer pee!

  1. Kzinti says:

    Awesome news. Hoping the results come back good too.

  2. Our girls are not good at the vets. Two of them have not been for almost 16 years. They are indoor feral cats. I know. Sounds crazy. We’ve had them since they were a few months old and they have never been outside. They were so traumatized by the vet that it became dangerous to take them. They would try to bust out of the car. The vet said that if they are as old as they are and have never been sick then there is no need to bother at this point. She gives us flea and heart treatments based on weight and age and they have never bee sick ever. Zola was a street kitty and has been twice a year since we got her. First to make sure she didn’t make the two little ones sick. Then to be spayed.

    Glad Edgar is doing good. Fingers crossed for good test scores.

    • DB it is not crazy to have an ‘indoor’ feral cat, one of ours is pretty much feral too. She is from a small litter we fostered ages ago. One of her siblings adjusted really well and was adoptable, another was so feral that she was not even safe to keep in our home. And then Lilac was just calm enough to keep, but feral enough that she stays just out of reach most of the time. It is a very rare occasion when we can touch her at all.

  3. snoringKatZ says:

    Rock on, Edgar! I’m glad he’s doing well.

  4. I hope Edgar’s test results come back with something that easily controlled.

  5. Lauri says:

    Awwwwww, Edgar is a sweet soul! And in such good shape! Good for him! I wouldn’t resist his begs for food, either.

  6. Way to go, Edgar! I hope the bloods are good. When I go to the vet’s, my paws get all sweaty and I curl up in a little ball trying to become invisible.

    • He was shyer than normal for this visit, for some reason, but other than trying to hide his face in my elbow (I kept my arms around him while he was on the table because I could tell he wasn’t himself), he stayed still and quiet for the exam, and they always tell me how good he is when they take blood and pee from him. I did like you said, Daisy, and gave him treats before and after the visit!

  7. leendadll says:

    sending good jujus – for Edgar’s health and money-out-of-the-blue for you!!

  8. mariser says:

    aw. poor dollface edgrrcat. without a doubt The Best Cat Evar.
    and poor you for the hit on the pocketbook. hope is either nothing serious, or manageable.

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