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edgARRRR pirate


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I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now

but I keep forgetting to post it

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Doing another claims audit so I may not be reachable for a couple of days. Figured I’d mention it in case hell freezes over and someone needs to reach me RIGHT.THIS.SECOND. 🙂

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and right into this

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more of the true story

Smartly, disabled commenting on their reports of this story, but on sites where commenting was allowed, there seems to be an overwhelming feeling that the media covered this beyond what was necessary. In fact, many think that there should … Continue reading

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yep, this is a true story

In case anyone has the desire to read about the shocking information coming out about the former commander of one of Canada’s largest military bases. It’s the stuff of televison serials and suspense thrillers.…liams-court-101018/

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more updates

Hiya kids. I got a call from the vet on Thursday about Edgar’s new tests. If you’ll recall, these were more specific tests due to some elevated levels in his routine bloodwork. Well, the second round of tests, which included … Continue reading

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