I’m in the middle of importing the two squee blogs from vox into wordpress. They are private, since they were on vox, too, but I will allow the folks who belonged to the groups, which should be easy since there are less than 35 members in each group. I just hope everything comes over okay, considering some of the stuff would have been originally posted as invisible on the author’s site. I had to try, though. I really don’t want to lose those memorable posts and pics. I’ll let you know when they’re done.

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  1. Okay, WP is telling me they have both been imported successfully. Now how do I add the people? Is it through the “users” screen? And what do I make people – contributor? It’s not like we’ll be doing anything with the blogs like adding stuff, I just want the peeps to be able to remember the trip. Any help with this is appreciated since I haven’t done any of this inviting stuff with the 35 users. Thanks.

  2. mariser says:

    go to dashboard –> settings –> privacy
    since you are setting these as private, the privacy page will show show 3 radio button options, I think the 3rd one allows to add the up-to-35-peeps.
    NOTE: you need to add by username – a bit confusing since for some it is not the same as their display name.

    and thanks so much for doing this! it’d be a shame to have lost the peep meets.

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